Application management

Application management Awareness

In this custom made workshop the focus is on the how, why and importance of application management. The program depends on the needs, particular situation and questions of the client. Different standard presentations, exercises and customization can be concatenated to a workshop of one hour to one or more days. Important is the interaction in the group and look outwards and inwards: what am I doing, where do I go to, where I want to go, how far should I go. … ASL, the framework for business information management, forms the theoretical reference model.

Specific topics or questions may be:

  • what are application management and service management and how important are they for me
  • how should I invest in application management and service management and implement or improve, where do I start, what do I need, top down or bottom up there for
  • your day-to-day problems
  • types of application management and implementation criteria.

Duration: this workshop lasts, depending on the purpose and the needs one hour to multiple days.

Application management self-assessment

In the workshop ASL2 self-assessment managers, team-leads and operational application managers jointly explore how well each applicationmanagement process is operated, the strengths and weaknesses are determined and the desired and necessary improvements. The self-assessment is based on the ASL2 framework and the self-assessment workbook.

Duration: this workshop can be run in two parts: the operational and management processes (one full day) and the strategic processes (half a day).

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We also provide a:

Shorttrack Application Management self-assessment
In a short session we let you, based on the ASL2-framework, give a quick assessment of a) the importance of the ASL processes for (a specific part of) your organization and b) the quality of the process operation. On the basis of this high-over picture, together with you we explore what your next steps might be for the professionalization of your application management organization. 

Duration: 1 to 2 hours. We can include this short self-assessment as an additional element in any training or awareness program.

Organization Cycle Management (OCM)
In this workshop, after a short introduction about purpose and scope, and based on assignments, a joint business plan is created for the application management organization. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the area of skills (experience and training), market and account, IT developments and suppliers are addressed, and then mission, vision, strategy and goals. With our approach it is possible to get a to-the-point business plan within hours.

Duration: one day