Information System Lifecycle Scan

The Information System Lifecycle Scan is a quality assessment of an information system: the functional quality, technical quality and quality from the perspective of the application in operation.

This assessment provides a clear and traceable insight in:
a. the functionality: the extent to which the existing information systems connect to the desired and/or actual work methods within the organization (functional quality);
b. the software: the maintainability of the systems. This indicates to what extent new and/or modified functionality can be implemented (technical quality);
c. the behavior of the software during use and influences from the environment: the extent to which the infrastructure is future-proof and the extent to which the system can perform the way you want, now and in the future (operating quality).

Applicability scan:
This assessment is requested if there is a need for a future strategy, when the cost of operation, management and/or maintenance of an information system should be less or if the existing system gives various problems.