Lifecycle Innovation Scan

With the Lifecycle Innovation renewal scenarios can developed for existing and important information systems. 

This scan contains steps:

  1. Mapping the current situation (Information System Lifecycle Scan);
  2. Determining the impact of organizational policies on the information provision(Information Organization Lifecycle Scan);
  3. Analysis of technological capabilities;
  4. Drafting of architectures with corresponding migration scenarios.

This research includes the Information System the Information Organization Lifecycle Lifecycle Scan and Scan.

Applicability scan:
This research has added value if:
a. There is a need for a future strategy for an information system or applications portfolio
b. There is little insight into the existing applications, as far as the quality of the connection to the business
c. There is a need to improve the quality and interfacing of systems
d. The user/client organization goes through a substantial change and the connection between information system and business process is not clear.