IT Control Scan

In an IT Control Scan opportunities are explored to control IT from a business perspective, using a control instrument. 

Topics in this research are:

  1. Who are, in the current situation, at which point involved in deciding on IT topics? (concerning both soon-to-be-launched projects as well as more or less regular parts of the IT services);
  2. What are, at business level, the critical success factors and performance indicators for an organization, which are or can be derived therefrom?
  3. How can this be translated into critical success factors, and how can these CSF’s be translated to business performance indicators for IT control?
  4. who should, on the basis of these IT performance indicators, be involved in the IT-control?

Applicability scan:
This assessment has added value if there is a need to change business control of IT, for example, because there is no proper control of IT costs or control of the IT organization possible. The target groups are particularly application management organizations and business information management organizations.