We currently have two games in our portfolio: “Who runs the kitchen” and the Demand-IT game.

Do you recognize this?

  • you just implemented a new information system, but it’s not at all what you needed;
  • the system can’t handle the workload, so you need to hire extra personnel, but according to the supplier, it satisfies all appointments;
  • the implementation of a new system is run flawlessly it seems, but the users are surprised with a user interface for them unrecognizable?

Then “Who runs the kitchen?” is the game for you!

In the Demand-IT game, the emphasis is on communication and collaboration, the alignment of short and long term goals for the information provision, and the differences between role content and role performance in the world of IT and the world of business. Transform your organization from a supply-driven to a demand-driven information supply. In practice, only change of structure is insufficient for a successful transformation to a demand-driven information supply. But changes in the organizational structure in connection with personal development of employees and managers can yield success. The Demand-IT game let management and staff experience how the road to a demand-driven information provision can be made.

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