Lex Scholten

Lex studied physics. In 1988 he got his PhD degree on the subject of elementary particle physics, the branch of physics that deals with matter and forces on the smallest scale.

After this period of scientific work, he became fascinated by the emerging industry of professional software development. He has worked on the development of scientific software for a number of years and moved constantly at the interface between business and IT, between users and IT professionals. Gradually his focus shifted to guiding organizations at improving their business processes, particularly using automated support. 

From 2005 on, he is focused on IT governance and IT service management frameworks ASL and BiSL. Lex is involved in the developments of these frameworks, and also provides training programs and workshops in this field.

Lex is convinced communication is essential: on the one hand between those involved in the primary business and the application management processes, on the other hand between the operational and tactical and strategic echelons in the organization. This communication doesn’t always go without saying. The mutual understanding of the business interests and the opportunities that IT offers, is a critical success factor to ensure effective communication.