Frank delivers presentation at NEN event “The changing IT world”

Frank van Outvorst is involved with the ISO working groups that are concerned with (further) development of the ISO/IEC 20000 (IT service management) and ISO/IEC38500 (Corporate governance of IT) standards. Franks participation in the ISO working groups is highly appreciated because of his knowledge of and experience with BiSL and business information management.

Friday June 10, 2016 NEN (the Dutch standardization institute) organized an event on the content and relevance of the ISO/EC 20000 and 38500 standards. At this event Frank delivered a presentation in cooperation with Yvette Backer and Dolf van der Haven.

You find the presentation (in Dutch) of Frank here.

More information about NEN and this event can be found here.

BiSL Advanced exam soon available in English

Recently APMG launched their newest BiSL qualification: BiSL Advanced . The target audience for the BiSL Advanced qualification are managers and consultants business information management and people working in the field of business information management with a drive to improve their work or their organisation.

BiSL Advanced helps organisations to design or improve their business information management role by applying BiSL.

The Lifecycle Company launch their BiSL Advanced training which prepares for the official, public APMG BiSL Advanced exam. Our BiSL Advanced training consists of a three-day program. The program is built around several very recognizable practice cases.

At this point in time the BiSL Advanced training is available in Dutch. The training will soon be available in English as well. For information please send an email to:

Success rate BiSL Foundation exams

We received some figures on the results of the APMG BiSL Foundation exams. The success rate of students of The Lifecycle Company is 96%. This concerns approximately 17% of all exams taken this year.

The other ATO’s (accredited training organisations) combined show an average success rate just under 80%.

Paper on factors that influence the success of BiSL

The 28th Bled eConference was held in Bled, Slovenia from 7 to 10 June 2015. A paper that was accepted for this conference was on the research project of students of the Utrecht University of applied science. Together with Frank van Outvorst these students did research after success factors for implementation of BiSL. Frank and student Maurits Methorst presented this paper in beautiful Bled last week. You can find the paper here and for the slides go to the slides.The pictures give some impression of the preparations for the presentation, the presentation and the inspiring surroundings of Bled. During the conference and presentation interest for BiSL was shown from several attendees.

Frank with HU students in Bled
Frank with HU students in Bled


Surroundings of Bled
Surroundings of Bled

Frank presents survey results in Bled

Earlier this year, students at the Hogeschool Utrecht (HU) examined success factors for use of BiSL completed in an organization, as an assignment within the minor Business information management. Purpose of this study was to identify factors that determine the successful application of the BiSL framework within organizations.
Frank van Outvorst was the external sponsor for this research.

On 10 June 2015 Frank and student Maurits Methorst presented the results at a conference in Bled. Download the presentation here: Bled.


Frank presenting
Frank presenting


TLC Website available in English

The website of The Lifecycle Company is now available in English as well. We will post interesting news items, articles and white papers on business information management or application management. Also available on our website is information about our BiSL and ASL trainings and workshops that are partly already available in English (look here for a complete overview of our training, workshop and business simulation portfolio). With this English website we intend to support organizations all over the world that want to improve business information management or application management by using BiSL or ASL.

To the heart of the matter …

Sometimes an issue just shows a symptom of an underlying problem. The Lifecycle Company aims at solving the root cause of the issues. We will work on the solution of actual problems and on achieving the business goals of our clients. Thinking before doing!

Feet on the ground

Guiding and consulting on basis of practical experiences means that, as a consultant, one must have knowledge of the consequences of his or her  advice. Our consultants have gained this experience. We have experience at all levels of customer organizations: operational, via tactical to strategic. We are ready to help implement our advices and get it working, involved, hands-on with our feet on the ground….

Your business is leading

The purpose of your information systems is to facilitate your organizational operation. For example, you administrate insurance documentation, provide healthcare or clear freight. From that background, every adjustment of your information system must be planned, implemented and evaluated. Your business is leading.

Perfection is a bit ambitious

Any improvement costs money, energy and time: three assets that are scarce. They are to be handled with care. Sometimes good is good enough. Sometimes a first step, the first result in the short term, is more valuable than perfection in the long term. Many great intentions tend to die in ambition. The Lifecycle  Company approach means: a step-by-step improvement of IT, with identifiable steps and direct (intermediate) results.