To the heart of the matter …

Sometimes an issue just shows a symptom of an underlying problem. The Lifecycle Company aims at solving the root cause of the issues. We will work on the solution of actual problems and on achieving the business goals of our clients. Thinking before doing!

Feet on the ground

Guiding and consulting on basis of practical experiences means that, as a consultant, one must have knowledge of the consequences of his or her  advice. Our consultants have gained this experience. We have experience at all levels of customer organizations: operational, via tactical to strategic. We are ready to help implement our advices and get it working, involved, hands-on with our feet on the ground….

Your business is leading

The purpose of your information systems is to facilitate your organizational operation. For example, you administrate insurance documentation, provide healthcare or clear freight. From that background, every adjustment of your information system must be planned, implemented and evaluated. Your business is leading.

Perfection is a bit ambitious

Any improvement costs money, energy and time: three assets that are scarce. They are to be handled with care. Sometimes good is good enough. Sometimes a first step, the first result in the short term, is more valuable than perfection in the long term. Many great intentions tend to die in ambition. The Lifecycle  Company approach means: a step-by-step improvement of IT, with identifiable steps and direct (intermediate) results.

Focus on changes in your business needs

Even if you would like to do so: you can’t change the world in a day. And we cannot do that for you either, nor can we make any promise on that. And besides that: it isn’t necessary. When you just target on the changes really needed, you’ll have enough work as it is, and so will we. After all, why should you change things that are going well and develop or buy things that you already have? It gives a great feeling and peace of mind when you don’t feel forced to change.

Your existing information systems are a valuable asset

Any change, any improvement starts with the actual existing situation. In our opinion, the ‘ green meadow ‘ is very rare. The organization, the staff, the information system, the data content: they all already exist. This we keep in mind and from here-off we start. What already exists, we consider a valuable asset, being a result of investments made in the past, and of many years of experience and efforts. You don’t just throw those results away! Any IT development therefore starts with the knowledge and appreciation of the existing situation.

Primary bottom up but also top down

A change often starts at the bottom. Employees in the operational processes, often have a good vision on the necessary changes and on the possibilities for improvements. Based on those needs and possibilities you can formulate your policy and accomplish your dreams for your organization. The Lifecycle Company strives to coordinate changes from the base, by managing, encouraging and facilitating, bottom up, as well as top down. Let a thousand flowers bloom but sprinkle them in time!